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Diego Sotelo by Martín Deus
I soon discovered that Diego had a special sensitivity, a way to find beauty in the most unexpected places, to live an intense life without high budgets or other excesses than the aesthetic. An anonymous hero, a king without a crown, or rather with a costume crown and a plebeian court. Common people and rarities promoted to pop stars by the grace of his camera and the intimate energy that he irradiates regardless the race, religion or sex. I like artists like Diego, those artists who have been working for years without stopping to think if they got where they should have, without taking into account if his effort has been economically profitable, without boasting in the egotism mirror. His production has a prize and trend proof authenticity. I think it's easy to discover his obsessions, his photographs are transparent, or rather reflective, they show about him as well as about what he put in front of his camera. His photos are horny; there is neighborhood, glitter, sex, makeup, childhood, androgyny, attitude, impudence, brutality. His vital photos which encourage us to be happy without leaving our mediocre lives that make us believe that anyone can be his own idol. Unretouched glamour, reality turned into fantasy.
“When I take a photograph of a person I´m seduced by the search of the naturalness that I find in people. Photographing them with depth and obtaining the transparency that discovers them from the foundations, where they are reborn, have fun and provoke. Nourished by color and the light I can create a synthesis with a concrete and accomplice language which expresses a unique, spontaneous and natural gesture, a delirious mixture that reflects my world.”
I began my studies in basic photography and lab in the "Foto Club Argentino” in 1995. Then I took image, photographic idea and practice of color vision workshops dictated by Alberto Goldenstein, in “Centro Cultural Ricardo Rojas”. In 1997 I took a course in “Escuela Motivarte” to improve the lighting and photography in studio. Since 2000 until today I have been working as Art Assistant and Set Decorator for advertising films, with recognized Art Directors, such as: Jorge Ferrari, Juan Mario Roust, Ernesto Molina y Vedia, Marcelo Salvioli and Verónica Romero, working for big brands, such as: Estrella Damm, Guinness, Dunkin Donuts, Coca Cola, Subway, Caja Madrid, Maybelline, Amway, Target, Nicorette, BNP Paribas, New Yorker, Jardiland, Renault, Sleep Number, Campari, I Robots, JBC and PMU, among others. I have also worked in the art team for several television productions, such as: “Rincón de Luz” and “Rebelde way” for Cris morena group; “Conflictos en red” and “Mi amor, mi amor” for Telefé, the series “La nada blanca”, directed by Esteban Gomez for Canal Encuentro. In movies I worked in “Vidas Privadas” directed by Fito Paez, “Crónica de una fuga”, directed by Adrian Caetano, “Mentiras Piadosas” by Diego Sabanes, and “El Corredor Nocturno” by Gerardo Herrero. In 2008 I did the Art Direction in the shortcut “Amor Crudo”, directed by Martin Deus and Juan Chapped. In 2010 I started my “Polaroid Project” for social events, an innovative, creative and spontaneous way of documenting unique moments with immediate and funny results. A successful style which I still enjoy and that gives me great satisfaction.
Main individual and group exhibitions:
-La Prometida restaurant, 2011, Buenos Aires, Argentina
-Popa art gallery, 2011, Buenos Aires, Argentina
-10th. Exhibition of Latin American documentaries and photography, by Ayuntamiento de Langreo, 2010, Asturias, Spain
-9Th. Exhibition of Latin American documentaries and photography, by 2009, Albacete, Spain
-"Queer" Art Festival in Casa Brandon and College National Buenos Aires, 2008, Argentina
-Four Photographers and women portraits, Casa Brandon, 2008, Argentina
-Author´s Book fair with the group "Acatenesarte" Espacio eclectic, 2008, Buenos Aires, Argentina
-Rainbow Exhibiton Centro Cultural “El galpón de la estación”, Buenos Aires, 2008, Argentina
-"Fuji Contest", Centro Cultural Recoleta, 2006, Buenos Aires, Argentina
-Group Exhibition, Centro Cultural Ricardo Rojas, 1999, Buenos Aires Argentina
-Group Exhibition, "Buenos Aires No Duerme", Centro Municipal de Exposiciones, Buenos Aires, 1998, Argentina
-Group Exhibition, Escuela Motivarte, 1997, Buenos Aires, Argentina
-Group Exhibition, “Photographic Idea”, Centro Cultural Ricardo Rojas, 1997, Buenos Aires, Argentina
-Group Exhibition, “Photographic Image”, Centro Cultural Ricardo Rojas, 1995, Buenos Aires, Argentina